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Since our inception in 1982 Glass Masonry, Inc. has become one of the premier glass block companies in business today. We distribute over 275 different sizes, designs and colors of glass blocks and all installation accessories. Being located in Florida with distribution in all major markets makes product availability excellent throughout the Southeastern USA, Caribbean, Central and South America. 
Glass Masonry, Inc. has positioned itself as a leader in the glass block industry and is pleased to....

Dimensions in Light

More than mere windows, glass block adds the element of transparency to the three traditional architectural boundaries of line, plane and volume. A glass block can create a translucent separation between two spaces that both obscures and reveals at the same time.

Glass block creates an aura of shimmering light and a feeling of spaciousness wherever it is used. It lends itself to straight, curved or serpentine configurations. It can be mortared into large, curving walls to reflect the colors of the surrounding outside elements and provide varying levels of privacy. It is an ideal divider between rooms where extra light is essential.

Home buyers are attracted to light, airy, spacious-looking houses with lots of windows. Because of shrinking lot sizes and increased building cost, architects and builders are now faced with the problem of providing natural light without destroying privacy. Glass block provides an excellent answer and eliminates the need for extensive drapes or blinds in rooms where windows face the street or are in close proximity to the house next door.

Used in master baths, glass block combines well with tile or marble in sink, tub and shower areas for increased privacy. As a substitute for the traditional "window over the bathtub," glass block can be fashioned to create bold geometric patterns of light while providing complete seclusion.

Today's glass block offers options ranging from a high degree of translucence to total privacy. Thick, break-resistant units, mortared into place provide added security. With an R-factor of 1.96, equal to that of a traditional double-pane window, glass block also helps conserve energy.



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