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1. Metal U Channel:  Protects glass block from wind shear.
2. Expansion Strip:  Allows glass block structures to expand and contract without cracking.
3. Panel Anchor:  Supports and attaches glass block to adjacent construction.
4. Reinforcing Bars:  Strengthens and stabilizes glass block structures.


1.   Cover sill area with a heavy coat of asphalt emulsion when installing glass blocks directly to concrete slab. Allow to
      dry before applying mortar.

2.   Adhere expansion strips in place at head and jambs using asphalt emulsion. Be sure that strips extend to the sill in
      order to keep glass block from direct contact with adjacent construction.

3.   Mix mortar materials thoroughly to produce a workable consistency. Add one cup of concrete adhesive to one
      94 lb. bag of mortar mix.

4.   Set first course of glass block on full mortar bed, do not furrow.

5.   Use a a rubber mallet to tap blocks into place, do not use steel tools on glass blocks for adjustments.

6.   Set each course of glass block in full mortar bed. Keep expansion joints free of mortar.

7.   Panel reinforcing bars are to be embedded in horizontal mortar joints of glass block panels approximately every 24
      inches, continuous from side to side.

8.   Overlap panel reinforcing bars a minimum of 6 inches for sections of insufficient length.

9.   Panel anchors are used to support and attach glass block panels to adjacent construction. Bend panel anchors
      within expansion strips, and space 24" apart to coincide with panel reinforcing bars.

10. Bed panel anchors in mortar joint of glass block panel with a minimum of 12 inches of anchor extending into glass
      block joint on top of panel reinforcing bars.

11. Apply mortar over panel anchors and reinforcing bars and lay next course of glass block.

12. Tool mortar joints concave to uniform appearance, as work progresses.

13. After mortar has set use a brass wire brush lightly to dislodge mortar from faces of glass block edges of joints. Use
     No. 3 or 4 steel wool to remove remaining mortar film from faces of glass block. Do not brush or rub mortar joints.

14. Apply a water repellant coating to mortar joints after cleaning, for exterior glass block panels.

15. Apply a caulking sealant around the perimeter of the glass block panel between the glass block and the trim.

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