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 The Space Between Shadows and Light  

Let light be your decorator, with walls and windows of glass block. Wide areas of glass pull in softly diffused light that lends color to wall and floor surfaces. Hazy and cool in the morning, the same room takes on a mellow glow in the shadows of late afternoon.

Choose from the widest range of sizes, shapes and patterns. Turn tight corners or use glass pillars. Or end your block wall at any vertical or horizontal point you choose - with a smooth, finished edge. 


Nubio 884 Nubio 


Nubio Corner 884 Nubio Corner 
(90 Degree)

Nubio End
884 Nubio WeckEnd
Nubio Doublend
884 Nubio DoublEnd
Nubio AllBend
484 Nubio AllBend 
(22 1/2 Degree)

Architectural Design Guide, Installation Instructions, more... click here Glass Block Details

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